Prenatal Pilates

20 // lower body series

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A 20 minute lower body sculpting series, focusing on glutes and legs. During this class, we use ankle weights (Bala bands) for an extra burn but you are absolutely welcome to do it just with your body.

25 // stretch + strengthen pilates

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A 25 minute class focusing on strengthening Pilates moves whilst incorporating stretching and lengthening moves to open, mobilise and release. This class can be done fully mat based, but you can wear Bala band wrist weights throughout if you wish.

20 // prenatal pilates stretch

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Trimester 1, 2, 3

20 minute prenatal stretch. A slow and calming class for those days when you may have little energy, or may be experiencing any pregnancy-related aches or discomfort.

As with all prenatal classes, please listen to your body and rest as needed.