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Trimester 3

15 // prenatal glutes

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This class focuses on lower body with a specific focus on glute strength, starting with standing work and then moving down onto the mat. During this class, you can use your body only or add in a mini band if that feels good for you.

15 // prenatal pelvic floor + stretch

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A lovely nourishing prenatal stretch focusing on all those areas that start to feel a little uncomfortable as we progress through pregnancy – back, shoulders, hips. Plus, some pelvic floor strengthen and release work at the start. All you need is to find somewhere quiet, put on something comfy and enjoy.

15 // prenatal upper body strength

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A short but effective sculpt and strength prenatal class focusing on upper body. During this class, we focus on arms, shoulders and back – areas that are important to strengthen whilst we prepare for birth and all the hours of nursing and holding our babies to come. You can do this purely with your body or add in mini hand weights (recommend 1kg max or bala bands) for more of a challenge.

15 // full body stretch w/ ball

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A 15 minute full body stretch class using a large Pilates ball. You might have one of these large Pilates balls for sitting at your desk at home (if not I definitely recommend, especially in the third trimester) and they are wonderful for getting into lovely open stretch positions. If you don’t have one, you can follow along and use a sofa nearby you instead. As with all prenatal classes, please listen to your body and rest as needed.

5 // prenatal standing squats

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A short but strong 5 minute prenatal standing squats class. This movement is particularly beneficial in the third trimester, helping to prepare and position our bodies ahead of labour. All you need is yourself and a mat and as always with prenatal classes, please listen to your body and rest as needed.

15 // prenatal stretch + release

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A 20 minute prenatal full body stretch and release class, with a focus on lower and upper back and hips, the areas we often notice feeling a little niggly or tight, especially as we move through pregnancy. All you need for this class is a calm quiet space, yourself and a mat. As with all prenatal classes, please listen to your body and rest as needed.