The Move, Breathe & Feel Good Pilates Challenge

Starting 10th January 2022

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Join us on 10th January for a 14 day schedule of Pilates and inspiration to support your wellbeing through the new year and beyond. 

At the start of each week, you will receive the weekly schedule via email. This will also be hosted within the MWM platform. All classes will be available on demand for you to practice in your own time.

The weekly schedule will feature our MWM classes, plus delicious, wholesome, mind-body recipes to compliment your movement practices. 

And to get us started, we’ll be hosting a complimentary Mind Body Food event for all members on 11th January, too.

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The Schedule
Move, Breathe & Feel Good

Every Move With Maia series we put together is thoughtfully designed to create balance in both mind and body. 

A schedule of movement that can work around you. One that encourages you to find small pockets of time for yourself each day. 

Throughout each week, we will take you through a series of classes that will challenge the body to feel that Pilates burn we all know and love, whilst calming the mind, guiding you through movement that is good for you and that also feels good for you, too.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat.

It's time to invest in you

Join us this January

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