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Retreats Consultancy

By Maia Well Co.

Welcome to our Maia Well Co. Business Consultancy, supporting women in wellness with the successful creation of their own dream retreats. 

In 2022 I launched the Maia Well Co. Business Consultancy. After having taught myself everything there is to know in all areas of my business over the years, I reflected on how valuable it would have been to have some support when I was starting off or launching new projects. To learn from someone who had been through it all. To help me get from A to B quicker than I could have done on my own. To not waste time doing the things that weren’t my skillset and focus on the things that were.

More recently, I’ve had more teachers and practitioners come to me looking for support around how to create, launch and sell out their own retreats. They are wonderful at what they do, but are unsure of how to share their offerings within a retreat setting and create the experience of a retreat, all whilst making a success of it, too.

Whilst I love nothing more than hosting retreats, there is a lot of work that goes into designing them, launching them, selling them and running them. So after hosting retreats all over the world in places such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco and the UK, selling out within the first few days of launching, I have definitely learnt a thing or two along the way and with a four figure retreats waitlist, Maia Well Co. Retreats have come a long way and I’d love to help you get to this point with your business, too. 


Retreat Design & Support

It’s no secret that retreats are where my passion lies. There is something so magical about them that it’s almost impossible to put into words. And whilst they are an experience you’ll never forget for all the right reasons, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a retreat that your guests will love and want to return to, again and again.

If you have a vision, but are unsure of how to bring it to life, that’s what we’re here for. We can support you with:

~ Venue sourcing, sharing our top retreat venue sourcing sites

~ Financial planning, P & L & price point recommendations

~ Retreat marketing, platforms to support this & how to build your retreats waitlist

~ Brand partnerships 

~ Sourcing trustworthy retreat partners & recommendations

~ Logistics, branded retreat materials & more

I would love to support you in designing and creating a profitable retreat that aligns with your business and your offerings. All sessions are bespoke and tailored to your exact requirements. I can’t wait to help bring your dream retreat to life.

Get In Touch

We take on a limited number of 1:1 clients through application only. 

Please email with more information around what you’re looking for support with and we will come back to you with more information.

I look forward to hearing from you!

The Gift Of Wellbeing

Treat a friend or loved one to a MOVE WITH MAIA membership, a gift to help them feel good from the inside out.

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes, you can sign up anytime.

What happens after the free 7 day trial?

Your membership will automatically renew, so if you wish to cancel, please ensure you do before the 7 day trial expires.

Can I use MOVE WITH MAIA on all devices?

 Yes, laptops, phones, iPads, IOs and windows.

Do I have to have done Pilates before?

No, there are options for beginners to advanced, so there’s something for all levels.

Is MOVE WITH MAIA suitable during pregnancy?

Our current classes are not designed for pre natal, however keep an eye out as they’ll be coming soon.

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