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12 Days of Christmas Pilates

Hi everyone, welcome to our 12 days of Pilates series!

Starting on 13.12.23, there will be 12 classes for you to enjoy, one each day until Christmas Eve.

Below you will find the full schedule, plus all the classes below. You'll also receive an email with the schedule with links directly to each class for each day.

And in some very exciting news, we're running a Wellness Hamper Giveaway (worth £400) on Instagram too - all you need to do is comment on our giveaway post to be in with a chance to win and enjoy as we head into the new year.

As always, all classes in the series are mat based, however we do use a small ball and mini band (and / or hand / ankle weights if you have them) in some classes, but these are entirely optional. If you can't view all 12 classes below, just make sure to click 'more' and they will come up!

Day 1: 25 // full body pilates flow
Day 2: 20 // toned arms + abs
Day 3: 20 // lower body tone + strengthen
Day 4: 15 // full body pilates
Day 5: 25 // dynamic power pilates
Day 6: 10 // feel good stretchy flow
Day 7: 20 // standing series + arms
Day 8: 10 // abs + inner thighs
Day 9: 25 // slow + strong pilates
Day 10: 30 // full body signature
Day 11: 13 // short + strong glutes
Day 12: 30 // new year sunrise full body flow

I really hope you enjoy this series and I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Zoe xo

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