The MWM Pilates Wedding Edit - MAIA Well Co.

A space to move, breathe and feel good

Welcome to our MWM Pilates Wedding Edit!

A four-week schedule of Pilates inspired classes for you to follow in the lead up to your wedding day, to leave you feeling physically strong, sculpted, lengthened, toned and with that Pilates glow we all know and love.

Below you will find a monthly schedule with five MWM classes per week, which you can practice in whichever order suits you, with the other two days to be used as you wish, depending on your fitness goals. I recommend using these days for walks, rest days and / or incorporating a stretch or relaxation class whenever you need it (see 'Stretch' category for these classes).

I know the build up to your special day can be filled with various appointments and sometimes me-time can fall to the bottom of the list, but I encourage you to make this time a priority for yourself at the start of each week, in a way that suits you, because your mind and body really will thank you for it. I promise.

The classes can be done purely mat based, but for a deeper Pilates burn, we use an optional Pilates ball, mini resistance loop band and also some wrist / ankle weights in some of the classes.

As always, please do listen to your body. This is of course a guide, but as we are all different fitness levels with different goals, take it at a pace that feels good and find a balance that works for you. And if you prefer some classes over others, you're very welcome to swap or repeat - it's entirely up to you.

Enjoy and any q's, please do send my way! xo